Chris Berman Nicknames 1

René Kook Arocha Tony Brothers in Armas
Scott Respect Your Aldred Brady Bunch Anderson
Shawn Lil' Abner Rick See Ya Later Aguilera
Juan Real Agosto Steve Ebony and Avery
Jim Hey Abbott Luis Alicea in Wonderland
Joey Cask Of Amalfatano Rich Protect Your Car With Amaral
Mike Enough Aldretti Bill Almon Joy
Doyle Brandy Alexander Roberto Remember the Alomar
Dana Allison Wonderland Joaquin the Dog Andujar
Paul Orville Assenmacher Mike In Good Hands with Allstott
Oscar Azocar Named Desire Steve Poison Avery
Jesus Skip To My Alou David Green Akers

Pedro Borbon Street Bernardo Brito Supreme
Jeff Pin the Tail on the Bronkey Mike April Blowers
Bud Paint It Black Rafael Good Day at the Old Belliard
Jay Ferris Buhner Scott Tallulah Bankhead
Joe Leave It to Boever Bruce Bochy Ball
Bert Be Home Blyleven George Taco Bell
Greg Life Of Briley Mike Private Benjamin
Dave Ingmar Bergman Jason Raspberry Bere
Ron Chevy Blazier Jesse Belly Up to the Barfield
Bruce Eggs Benedict Barry Savings Bonds
Rod Beck Beck Beck Beck Scott Milton Bradley
Todd Mercedes Benzinger Lance You've Sunk my Blankenship
Kevin Small Mouth Bass Billy Lima Beane
Wade Cranberry Boggs Dave Burba Shave
Bret Barberie Coast Daryl Please Come to Boston
Britt Third Degree Burns Hubie Babbling Brooks
Greg Crocodile Brock Ryan Bowen Arrow
Jeff Brown Paper Bagwell Ricky Bad to the Bones
Mark Beetle Bailey Marty Grin and Barrett
Tim Humphrey Bogard Floyd Up & Down the Bannister
Ricky Signing Bones Bobby Bad To The Bonilla
Scott Am Brosius Randy Burning Bush
Craig Matinee at the Biggio Pat South of the Borders
Dante Inferno Bichette Esteban Bats In the Beltre
Jeff See Through Blauser Harold Growing Baines
Tom Lightning Bolton Andy the Merchant of Benes
John Charcoal Burkett Tom a Story of a Man Named Brady
Damon Blue Berryhill Bill Bubble Bath
Mike Room and Bordick Stan Belinda Carlisle
Pat Side Burns Rob My Bironas
Matt Son Of A Beech Juan Less Bell to Answer
Carlos 1 if by Land, 2 if Baerga Eric Sleeping with Bienemy
Andy Merchant of Benes Jerome You Better You Bettis
Matt Werewolves of Blundin Heath Door Bell
Scott Supercalifragilisticexpiala Brosius Ross I Never Promised You A Baumgarten
Donald the Butler did it  
Ron Born in the US Cey David Sili Cone
Todd Caribbean Cruz Greg Life Is a Cadaret
Pat OK Corrales Ivan Bubbling Calderon
Wil Bungee Cordero Mark Clark Bar
Jose Can You See Canseco Steve Kentucky Fried Chitren
Tom Cotton Candiotti Mark Carreon My Wayward Son
Henry Ava Cotto Mark Crystal Clear
Larry Self Centers Ken Get Off My Cloude
Danny Van Clyburn Dave Vodka Collins
Joey Alba Cora Royce A Roni Clayton
Gene Lamont Cranston Ty Corn on the Cobb
Matt White Cassel Dennis Short Order Cook
Jeff Conine the Barbarian Steve Short Order Cooke
Scott Little Deuce Cooper Joe Sergeant Carter
Chuck Creme de la Crim Cris If I Were a Carpenter
Mike Cameron Swayze My Cousin Vinny Castilla
Chris Cab Calloway Golden Archi Cianfrocco
Dave Clark Five Francisco Umbilical Cordova
Tim Pablo Crews Casey Sixteen Candaele
Bob Sister Christian Jose Can You See Cruz
Ben Winter Coates Hey! You! Get Off of Mike Cloud
Chuck Baby You Can Drive My Carr Sylvester Swallows Return to Campusano



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