Chris Berman Nicknames 4

Tom Goodnight Sweet Prince Jim Car Poole
Arquimedez Principle Pozo Jim Hanky Pankovits
Ted Tower of Power Ken Good Evening Mr. Phelps
Mark Trans Parent Terry Swimming Puhl
Terry Pit and the Pendleton Eric Ker Plunk
Joe Actual Retail Price Dave Parallel Parker
Bill Veal Pecota Mike Onion Pagel
Melido Shuffle Perez Don Whiter Shade of Pall
Tony Jala Pena Phil the Final Plantier
Chan Ho 3 Com Park Robert Missing Person
Mike Pepperoni Piazza Jorge Carne Posada
Jeff Juden Priest Vicente Buckingham Palacios
Bill Liquid Plummer Luis Ap Polonia
Albert Winnie the Pujols Ricky Proehl Shampoo
Carl Slim Pickens Rafael Emerson Lake and Palmiero

Jamie Men at Quirk
Dave Prince Righetti Randy Ready or Not
Jerry Rolls Reuss Bobby Tokyo Rose
Kevin Reimer Reason Dave Rohde Runner
Tim Purple Raines Johnny Manta Ray
Craig Reynolds Wrap Gary Redus a Bedtime Story
Jim Pork Fried Rice Cookie Days of Wine and Rojas
Vern Golden Ruhle Luis Buick Rivera
Bruce Two Minutes for Ruffin José Blame It On Rijo
Andre Bad Moon Rison Kevin Ritz Cracker
Wally Lionel Ritchie Bryan Rekar Named Desire
Kirk Weekly Rueter Who Framed Roger Ruzek
Jerry Minute Rice  
B J And the Bear Surhoff Joe Slusarski and Hutch
Lance Sargeant Schulters Gary Sheffield of Dreams
Bill Per Spiers Todd Aris Stottlemyre
Tim Sockeye Salmon Gary Sheffield Of Dreams
Mark Tossed Salas Heathcliff Slocumb if ya got 'em
Steve Alto Sax Craig Brewer and Shipley
Rafael Evil Ways Santana Joel Mule Skinner
John When Irish Eyes are Smiley Eric Win Place or Show
Larry Satin Sheets Mike Great Scott
Darryl Strawberry Shortcake Mike Pre Schooler
Bob Ice Station Sebra Billy Free Sample
Tom Leave it to Seaver Jeff Wine Sellers
Juan Play it Again Samuel Rick Really Big Schu
James Easter Steels Ed Ocean Sprague
Doug People Are Strange Sammy Say it Isn't Sosa
Mario Scotch and Soto Bill Beer Stein
Bruce Three Piece Sutter Kevin Alka Seitzer
Ruben High Sierra Mike Nova Scioscia
Scott Room Servais Chris Church Speier
Paul Veal Sorrento Buck Showalter Raleigh
Mario Speedwagon Soto Tim Spehr Tire
Franklin Ticket Stubbs Reggie Colonel Sanders
Sean Salisbury Steak Luis Sojo In the Rain
Pete Raise Your Hand if You're Schourek



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