False Facts 8

Surprisingly, famous astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson can't count to 100.

Orville Wright was the first member of the mile-high club.

Barbara Walters was once arrested for playing golf naked.

Thomas Edison was the first person ever to say "does my voice really sound like that?"

Thomas Edison, among his many other inventions, also invented break dancing. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

The earliest rocking chairs only rocked forward.

The original episode of the situation comedy "One Day at a Time" was 24 hours long.

Larry the Cable Guy has an illegal cable hook-up.

If you make a cow laugh hard enough, milk will come out of its nose.

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is one of two United States towns named after an old game show. The other is Password, Nevada.

By 2025, zoologists believe that the kangaroo will develop an additional pouch for a cell phone.

In some parts of Wyoming, it's legal to hunt the elderly.

To ensure prompt delivery of e-mail, the post office recommends affixing a "forever" stamp to your computer.

By 2030, Pizza Hut hopes to focus less on pizza sales and more on its hut business.

After breaking his promise not to raise taxes, George H. W. Bush used some of the money to buy a Donkey Kong machine for the White House.

Lou Ferrigno complains that years after "The Hulk" went off the air, he'd still turn green when angered.

None of the actors who play characters on the television show "All My Children" had children.

For two weeks in 1983, General Mills had to stop making Cheerios due to the drill press operator strike.

Until the stores closed, 48 customers were accidentally electrocuted at Circuit City.



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