Huh? 1

This guy really throws a wrench into the monkey works! (thanks to David Letterman)

He's as happy as a clamp. (thanks to Maryann Lazernik)

You could have knocked me over with a fender. (thanks to Duane Boeve)

That brings a tear to my thigh. (thanks to John Johns)

He's as smooth as sandpaper. (thanks to Alex Garofalo)

A genius is a genealogist's answer to the question 'Got a spare?'. (thanks to James Filmer)

Two wrongs don't make a right turn. (thanks to Duane Boeve)

It's raining like molasses in January. (thanks to Celine McConville)

I'm so hungry I could ride a horse. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

I'd give my right arm to play guitar like that. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

He's no rocket surgeon.

You need to take the tollpike to get across the freeway. (thanks to Celine McConville)

That's more fun than a barrel of pickles. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

He and I went to different schools together. (thanks to James B. McConville)

Cross my legs and hope to die!

I like it when it stays light out until it gets dark.



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