Huh? 6

The skeleton is there. You just have to sharpen it and put the decorations on the tree.

He would give you the shoes off his back.

That question was so easy I could have answered it blindfolded.

We're going to clean the competition's lunch.

We've baked our cake, now we have to eat it.

That's the pot calling the kettle "Bob". (thanks to Eric Snyder)

I want 24 x 7 availability, 5 days a week.

The phone was ringing off its hinges.

I didn't want to stir the apple cart.

It was so quiet you could hear a needle drop in a haystack.

I don't put my chickens before the horse.

It was time to get the train out of the harbor.

I didn't have many bullets left in the tank.

I was shooting at straws.

I was running on exhaustion fumes.

I was looking for a seed that would get it over the hump.



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