Jonco Says 2

I've been searching all day for a word that looks like it's a mock dinosaur's name. But I'm having no joy so far with the thesaurus.

In an effort to defeat Superman, I've joined a street gang. Superman won't stand a chance once I turn into a Crip tonight.

I'm a philosopher. I think.

A rule of grammar: double negatives are a no-no.

How do you make teenage boys more interested in history? Teach them how to delete it.

The price of owning a faulty jetpack is going through the roof.

My first erotic fantasy was because of a picture of a mermaid. Since then, I've always been drawn to scale.

Cashiers are always checking me out.

I couldn't quite remember how to throw a boomerang, but eventually it came back to me.

Stonehenge Rocks!

I'm great at making balloon animals, if all you want are snakes.

Did you know that the average married couple argue 412 times a year? Well 415 actually, but try telling her that!

How subtle is the b in subtle?

As a pyromaniac, I must say I found to be incredibly disappointing.

I looked up 'opaque' in the dictionary today. The definition was not very clear.

On reflection, vampires aren't that scary.

I thought I'd found the perfect website to help me overcome my fear of flying until it crashed.

I am married to two women. After years of deceit I owned up to both of them. I thought that was big of me.



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