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Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs #1

From Twitter and Various Sources

JoeMande - My iPhone just dropped a call, but maybe it was just having a moment of silence.

THEvillageID10T - Autocorrect me if I'm wrong, but did Steve Jobs die?

mzeld - Maybe we can hold his sleep/wake and home buttons at the same time and then let go?

chrisdelia - Steve Jobs actually changed the world. Do you know how f&%*ing impossible that is?

SnarkToast - Putting all my Apple products at half-power.

peteec - Steve Jobs is dead, you heard it here 8,431st.

enstatsky - Without Steve Jobs, people wouldn't have a way to tweet a too soon Steve Jobs joke from the palm of their hand.

yoyoha - He was our John Lennon.

antichrista - By the time I hit 30, Steve Jobs had given me two careers and a lifetime of inspiration. Thank you, Steve.

curlycomedy - We're comics. We'd rather be too soon than too late.

JillMorris - Ugh my iPhone creator just died.

czabe - Steve Jobs, the modern, digital DaVinci. Rest in peace.

JakeWaltersME - RIP Steve Jobs. Much, much respect. Loved by billions, you leave us an honorable and enjoyable legacy.

LIFECOACHERS - Want real fucking life coaching for a minute? "Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?" ~ Steve Jobs, LIFECOACHERS salutes you.

nickspears - RIP Steve Jobs. I hope you have a chance to sit down and show Tupac his iTunes stats.

croninwhocares - The guy who made a computer that both me and my 82 year old dad could understand must have been a genius.

robdelaney - We are sad about Steve Jobs because we looked at pictures of ourselves on the things he made.

danforthfrance - It's raining. In the car. Plugged my iPod into my adapter thing and suddenly, out of nowhere, cried.

capricecrane - Thank you, Steve Jobs, for sharing your genius, for changing the landscape of communication, for making today feel like "the future." ?

JillMorris - It would be awesome/miserable if all Mac products spontaneously combusted right now.

SuperEd86 - I just ate an apple.

thecheckoutgirl - -Some of your Steve Jobs tweets are beautiful and touching. Twitter: We can be pretty eloquent when we're not telling dick jokes.

SarahPaIinUSA - Bill Gates was a good man. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends. Bill, you will be missed. We love you.

SamGrittner - I'm wearing my black turtleneck at half mast (see: mid-riff only) tomorrow.

MaxHoopla - My Droid just froze up. Well played, Steve.

NealMayhem - Yet more Jobs lost under Obama's watch.

DaveHolmes - In his final act of benevolent genius, Steve Jobs overshadows Sarah Palin. Rest in peace, you f%&*ing stud.

theleanover - There's a Jobs opening at Apple.

rationalists - Steve Jobs passing drowns out coverage of Sarah Palin's 'big' announcement she won't run. Even in death he enriches our lives.

Spinchange - Good artists copy, great artists steal our hearts and minds. Well played, Steve.

nationallampoon - One thing this country didn't need was less Jobs.

nealbrennan - Feels like we're in a war and the head of our platoon just died in front of us.

PleaseFireMe - RIP Steve Jobs. May our workplaces catch up to technology and get Macs by 2021.

MiahSaint - That's how it's done, kids. Nice life, Mr. Jobs.

iHateJeffBaker - Steve Jobs will do more in death than Sarah Palin does while living.

yoyoha - We will always move forward, into the future. It was just easier when we had a telescope.

jessicacabot - RIP Steve Jobs, a great man without whom I would have to interact with people and be miserable.