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Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs #2

From Twitter and Various Sources

SteveHuff - Apple products were a route to learning about who our autistic son is. I once emailed Steve Jobs our thanks. Steve wrote back. That's class.

TurboGrandma - And yet the man who invented Windows 7 gets to continue living.

T_Gibby - Steve Jobs presents the iDied.

ShawnGarrett - Thank you Steve Jobs. For making the tools I use to post my stupid jokes on Twitter.

shanethevein - I feel my heart syncing.

DCpierson- He was one of the last of the give-a-f%&ks.

JillMorris - RIP Zune (November 14, 2006 - November 15, 2006)

TacoBell - Thank you for your vision and inspiration, Steve Jobs. Your legacy lives on.

JensenClan88 - I like to think God messed up and meant to take

ginatrapani - "Leave the world a better place than you found it." Check.

John_M15 - S&%t, one less thing. RIP, Steve.

RyanJJohn - RIP Steve Jobs. I'll miss all of the technology I'll never get to make fun of people for using.

iamledgin - DIP Steve Jobs. Sorry, that was auto-correct. RIP Steve Jobs. :(

HannahAntics - Pouring out a little apple juice for Steve Jobs tonight.

ariannahuff - "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose." - Steve Jobs, 2005

danforthfrance - I'm still not using Ping.

hitchmichael - It feels like we all lost our favorite, smartest family member today. RIP Steve Jobs.

srgroundbeefo - iMiss him already.

anthonyjeselnik- I don't care when Mexicans do it, but I hate God for taking our Jobs.

jusfonzin- #SteveJobs didn't just change our world, he changed how we live.

SteveHuff - I'm an idiot. I seriously just gave my iPhone a consoling pat on its shiny silver apple.

StevenAmiri - No jokes from me about Steve Jobs. He was a visionary, a fellow Steve and will be missed.

NickSchug - iMiss you Steve Jobs.

cschleichsrun - "Goodnight, you princes of mainframe. You kings of new media." - final lines of my Steve Jobs eulogy, "The Apple House Rules"

shiraselko - RIP Steve Jobs. iCry.

arjunbasu - Steve Jobs changed the world, an example of a life well lived. RIP. And f%&k cancer. (typed on my iPad).

MarcusStricklin - Visionary, gamechanger, Applemaker, genius, put the "I" in everything, R.I.P. Steve Jobs.

kaebot - Here's to the world changers.

GetUrOwnCoffee - He's dead yet my ex lives on. Nothing makes any sense.

Dave_Horwitz - Hope you're navigating the big Oregon Trail in the sky, Steve.

ApocalypseHow - RIP Steve Jobs: Hope right now God is showing you "one more thing."

seabrown - Very sad news for the world, we've lost an extraordinary man. RIP Steve Jobs.

Brandazzle - Setting all my Apple devices to half brightness for the rest of the day. RIP Steve Jobs.

RexHuppke - To leave the world a better place than it was when you came in. Can't ask for more. RIP Steve Jobs.

Starbucks - Thank you Steve Jobs, you made the world a better place. You will be missed.

yoyoha - The world lost something beautiful today. RIP Steve Jobs

squibble - :( Sent by both me and my iPhone.

mktgdouchebag - No more jokes from me today. We just lost the rare combination: a businessman and artist. Thanks for going against the grain, Steve.

trelvix - Tito Jobs will read from an auto-corrected statement.

texburgher - What an amazing life we got to witness.