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Thoughts on the Death of Steve Jobs #3

From Twitter and Various Sources

kdn13 - I think I should give my iPhone the night off. She's in mourning.

billyscoggins - Arguably the greatest genius of our time. I hope he makes it rain iPads.

juskewitch - Heaven just got a little more sleek, well-designed and profitable.

DamienFahey - I imagine Steve Jobs standing outside the pearly gates and St. Peter pulling out an iPad to see if his name is on 'the list'. RIP Steve Jobs

sbellelauren - cancer: iwish there had been an app for that.

mzeld- I could feel my heart syncing when I heard the news.

T_Gibby - Music and the industry. Phones and the industry. Movies and the industry. Retail. Design. Business. Oh, and personal computing. RIP Steve.

SamGrittner - I wish Siri was here to comfort me right now.

JerryThomas - Thanks, Steve. Sent from my iPhone.

GuyEndoreKaiser - Steve Jobs was our da Vinci. And those guys come along very, very infrequently. Thanks for everything.

donni - In a year of awful jobs reports, this one's the worst.

Funny2 - Steve's up in the iClouds now. RIP

Ty_Schutz - Without him, I'd be tweeting from a BlackBerry like some sort of f#$&ing asshole. RIP Steve Jobs

friedmanjon - iSad.

rodney_at_large - Sometimes I walk into a public place without my face buried in my iPhone. LOL/JK, who does that?

DannyZuker - RIP Steve Jobs. Sent from your iPhone.

EliBraden - Steve Jobs wasn't just a businessman. His vision was a triumph of the human spirit. Hope he gets laid by hella hot angels in heaven.

adtothebone - Thanks for making me a Mac, Steve.

JillMorris - Found out Steve Jobs died on my Blackberry. Roll over in your grave when you get there.

Hadzilla - I guess Steve Jobs wasn't a fan of the 4s either.

abc7 - #BREAKINGNEWS: Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has died