Wiki-PIE-dia (from Salamé Baldas)

Pie-acinth: deep red pie
Pie-agra: an aphrodisiac made with pie that takes four hours to eat
Pie-alai: game played with a ball and hand held basket of pie
Pie-attolah: Iranian holy man who is fond of eating pie
Pie-a yellow ribbon: first draft of a hit song by Tony Orlando

Pie-bald: a raunchy story involving pie
Pie-bet: the land where the Dali Lama enjoys a nice piece of pie
Pie-bred: a green pie
Pie-can't stop loving you: Song about a cream Philled pie
Pie-ceberg: Massive slab of frozen pie capable of sinking ships
Pie-ceberg: Pie wedges of lettuce
Pie-cense: a certificate authorizing the holder to bake and sell pies
Pie-chotomy: contradictory pies
Pie-cuspid: a tooth adapted for chewing pies
Pie-cy: Risky and unpredictable little cubes of pie

Pie-dalia: a type of onion used in pies
Pie-dentification: Credentials carried by a pie that determine what type it is
Pie-dea: A thoughtful revelation regarding pie
Pie-dolatry: The worshiping of pie as a cult image
Pie-dye: a clothes coloring method using pie fillings and usually applied to T-shirts

Pie-ella: a Spanish rice made from pie

Pie-fi: a wireless internet system for lap-top pies

Pie-graine: a severe headache caused by an overconsumption of pie
Pie-gress: an aside brought up when discussing pies

Pie-ke: a brand of tennis shoe with a slice of pie for a logo and the motto "Just eat it"
Pie-ke: The market in Seattle famous for tossing fish pies at customers

Pie-lates: Physical fitness system that focuses on developing the apple core muscles.
Pie-ley Cyrus: teenage entertainer who mainly sings about pie
Pie-light: a presentation extolling the value of pie
Pie-lon: a driving course obstacle made from a pie
Pie-lophone: a percussion instrument made from many pie slices

Pie-men: a thin layer of pie crust covering a freshly baked pie
Pie-mon Says: a children's game

Pie-nal: the last piece of pie on the plate
Pie-ning: Yearning deeply for pie
Pie-n: A piece of pie that belongs to me, and is NOT yours.
Pie-not: the appropriate response to "why should we eat pie?"
Pie-nstein: Famous physicist who invented the Unified Pie Theory

Octo-pie: more than one pie cut into eight pieces
Pie-oneering: Forging new pie recipes
Pie-ous: a reverential attitude towards pie

Pie-ped: a two legged pie
Pie-pette: Device used in labs to transfer pie specimens to slides in order to do a calorie count
Pie-per: overly excited from eating pie
Pie-per: Private jet owned by the pie elite
Pie-pochondriac: a person who imagines they have diseases brought on by the consumption of pie
Pie-pod: a small piece of pie that can store music downloads

Pie-rate: intense anger experienced when pie is not available
Pie-rection: the path followed when getting a piece of pie
Pie-rometer: an instrument used to measure the heat of a pie

Pie-sano: a term of affection for an Italian eating a pie
Pie-sces: Astrological sign of people born in February, represented by two slices of pie
Pie-scream: Exclamation of utter joy at the amalgamation of two delicious desserts
Pie-sectomy: a medical procedure used to stop pie production
Pie-sexual: a person who enjoys intimate relations with pies
Pie-soceles: a triangular pie with opposite sides of equal length
Pie-society: a snobbish social circle of pie bakers
Pie-solation: Just you and the pie. Alone.
Pie-sometrics: the dynamic tension experienced in anticipation of a slice of pie

Pie-tie: an alcoholic pie served mostly in Tiki Bars

Pie-vulge: to tell about a pie recipe

Pie-Zod: Designer clothing sporting a pie shaped logo



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