Jerry Coleman Quotes 3

"Even though the ball was doubled, they got it anyway."

"Finley is going over to get a new piece of bat."

"You might want to put this in the back of your craw and think about it."

"At the end, excitement maintained its hysteria."

"Tony Gwynn, the fat batter behind Finley, is waiting."

"Larry Lintz steals second standing up. He slid, but he didn't have to."

"I don't mean he missed him, but he just didn't get him when he put the tag on him."

"The ballgame is this inning."

"The Cards lead the Dodgers 4-2 after one inning and that one hasn't even started."

"The last time Pena faced the Padres, the Dodgers scratched for a run to tie the game and then went on to win 4-0."

"Larry Moffett is 6' 3". Last year he was 6" 6"."

"That was like swatting June bugs off a fly."

"I challenge anyone, even with a radar machine, to hit that slider."

"What a great hitch to pit!"

"Trailing 5-1, the Padres added an insurance run in the eighth inning."

"That home run ties it up, 1-0."

"Turner was like a pencil. He bent around that pitch!"

"The Padres are really swinging some hot hats tonight!"

"Montefusco bare-hands it and throws him out. That grounder will make you a traveling salesman in a hurry!"

"Gene Richards swings, the ball bounces foul and hits him in the head. No harm done."

"When you lose your hands, you can't play baseball."

"That big guy, Winfield, at 6'6", can do things only a small man can do."



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