False Facts 12

In an effort to improve the nutritional value of its "Shamrock shakes," McDonald's colors them with broccoli extract.

M & Ms were candy-coated peas during a chocolate shortage in the 1950s.

After he resigned from the Presidency, Richard Nixon could often be found on the beaches of San Clemente, with his ever-present metal detector.

Winston Churchill was born with a third nipple, which he removed himself with nail-clippers at the age of 14.

Only a single dissenting vote prevented the death penalty in Texas from being carried out by immersing the convicted person in a nest of fire ants.

If you place a fresh Viagra tablet in a houseplant's soil every six months, the plant will not wilt.

Because he forgot his boots, Buzz Aldrin walked barefoot on the moon.

The practice of putting a letter "e" in front of words to mean "web-based" (e.g., eBusiness, eLearning, etc.) was patented by Microsoft in 1992. They are still waiting until their anti-trust trial has been officially completed to begin enforcing it.

If a cricket were the size of Mount Rushmore, it could jump to the moon.

During a nine month strike in 2012, the Weather Channel broadcast reruns.

A 9-volt battery contains roughly the same amount of kinetic energy as a bowl of Lucky Charms.

The Yanomami tribesmen of the Amazon basin can track game birds by the slight difference in warmth their shadows create on the forest floor as they fly by, for up to an hour after the birds have departed.

Rapid deforestation has decreased the friction of the surface of the Earth, causing it to spin infinitesimally faster and thereby cool the air, combating global warming.

President Harry S. Truman would often go on vacation and secretly have his identical twin Larry run the country.

The flush toilet was invented in Flushing, NY.

New data suggests that so-called global warming may be due to a batch of faulty thermometers.

The inner core of most standard golf balls is made of nougat, which helps the balls remain aloft longer.



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