False Facts 14

During the height of the hula-hoop craze, manufacturer Wham-O was making 20 each and every day.

To the Vikings, it was considered rude to kill someone wearing green. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher helped invent soft-serve ice cream.

The most common greeting in Holland is "Hey, nice hat!"

Hillary Clinton has a CD of old standard love songs coming out in late 2016, just in time for the election.

To prepare for her studies with gorillas, Jane Goodall spent two years living in a Best Buy Electronics Store appliance section.

To present a more modern image, Planters has given Mr. Peanut a single contact lens.

During "Happy Days" mania, nearly half of all newborns in the United States were named "Fonzie".

Donald Trump's hair has its own zip code.

In the Cherokee language, there are only three numbers - one, two and plenty. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

Due to his constant name changes, Diddy hasn't received mail since 1997.

Don Ho spent six years in prison for strangling a tourist with a lei.

Experts predict that by 2017, every television commercial will feature Peyton Manning.

To enhance the home theatre experience, some installation companies will even install a sticky floor.

In 1997, Tony Bennett had a heart transplant in San Francisco's Mercy Hospital.

No one in Pontiac, Michigan owns a Pontiac car. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

In 1955, during the horse shortage, the Kentucky Derby was won by a mule.

Ironically, the show "American Bandstand" had a bandstand created in China.

At a Phoenician city dig, archeologists found a primitive version of the game Chutes and Ladders. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

The Alaska state quarter is much larger than all the others.



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