Huh? 7

I didn't want to sit in the hotbox with my fingers in my ears.

It's water under the dam now.

We definitely don't want to nail ourselves into a corner.

I'm not the brightest bean in the hole.

I want quality, not quantity; but lots of it.

Don't look for a gift in the horse's mouth.

I'm doing this just to break up the mahogany.

We need to iron out our bread and butter.

I think we should go for the whole ball of wood.

Each of you pitched a home run today!

I usually dealt with him using felt-tipped gloves.

It's an exercise in fertility.

Hindsight is 50-50.

You are never going to fail unless you try.

We're scraping the bottom of the iceberg.

Today is like the day Rome was built in. We can't afford to have any fiddlers.

He might be barking at a red herring.



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