Huh? 17

We're between a pickle and a hard spot. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

It's half of one, six dozen of another.

You better get on the boat because the train is leaving the station! (thanks to Eric Snyder)

He's the cream of the corn.

There is no "I" in win. (thanks to Celine McConville)

There are too many cooks in the broth.

The short answer is 'Yes'. The long answer is 'No'.

Looks like I've spent the day chasing a wild herring!

He's as nervous as a long tailed cat out of the bag. (thanks to Celine McConville)

We are the glue that keeps things moving.

Fits like a charm! Wait - fits like a shoe?

I'm going through paper like it grows on trees.

It just like stealing teeth from a baby.

He's hotter than a cracker. (thanks to Eric Snyder)

I can tell you this, they are all sitting 2 inches higher in their seats, because they all just crapped their pants.

You're barking up a dead tree.



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