Military Rules 2

An Airman, a Seaman, a Marine, and an Army Ranger are being interviewed by a CNN reporter. The reporter asks, "Excuse me, what are your opinions regarding the weapon and food shortage in the desert outposts?" The Airman replies, "What's a weapon?" The Seaman replies, "What's a desert?" The Ranger replies, "What's food?" The Marine replies, "What's excuse me?" (thanks to Devin Grubb)

Why do the branches of the military have a hard time working together? It's largely due to the fact that there is no standardization of the terminology. Take the phrase "Secure a building" for example. To the Army this means that you set a perimeter and make sure nothing goes in or out. To the Marines, this means going in room by room, neutralizing all threats, setting a perimeter and god helps anything that comes near the place. To the Navy it's turning off the lights and locking the door. To the Air Force? They'll get a three year lease with an option to buy. (thanks to Mongo Skruddgemire)



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