Jerry Coleman Quotes 5

"There's two heads to every coin."

"Billy Almon has all of his in-laws and outlaws here this afternoon."

"If ever an error had "F" written on it, that grounder did."

"On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo."

"Over the course of a season, a miscue will cost you more than a good play."

"The game in St. Louis has been halted in the fourth inning because of rain. I'll bet they have the jacuzzis going there."

"Shirley and Griffey get along like a rattler and a parrot."

"If Rose's streak was still intact, with that single to left, the fans would be throwing babies out of the upper deck."

"He can be lethal death."

"Sometimes, big trees grow out of acorns. I think I heard that from a squirrel."

"Gonzo leaps like a giraffe and grabs it."

"Hats off to drug abusers everywhere."

"That noise in my earphones knocked my nose off and I had to pick it up and find it."

"Whenever you get an inflamed tendon, you've got a problem. OK, here's the next pitch to Gene Tendon."

"Last night's homer was Stargell's 399th career home run, leaving him one shy of 500."

"You didn't have to say it was gone. It was gone before it got outta here. It was going that fast."

"Kent Abbott is in the on-deck circuit."

"Those numbers with Tony (Gwynn) are so often and so interesting."

"Many people think the Cards at the end of the wire will cross the finish line first."

"He many not be hurt as much as he really is."



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