Jerry Coleman Quotes 4

"Renko has just about had it. Pretty soon somebody will come out of the dugout with a fork and get him."

"George Hendrick simply lost that sun-blown pop-up."

"You walk into the locker room, and you see players with their ripping muscles and stomachs you could wash your clothes in."

"Ozzie Smith is out there roaming around like glass."

"I like to use big words so people will think I know what I'm talking about."

"Ozzie Smith just made another play that I've never seen anyone else make before, and I've seen him make it more often than anyone else ever has."

"He slides into second base with a stand-up double!"

"Sunday is Senior Citizens' Day. And if you want to become a senior citizen, just call the Padre ticket office."

"Rick Miller hit only one home run last year, and that's like hitting none."

"I've never seen a game like this. Every game this year has been like this."

"When Guante started, they thought he'd be like popcorn, one of the most popular things around."

"With one out in the first, Dave Roberts looks a lot better than the last time he pitched against the Padres!"

"Zane Smith is a guy who can shut you out as well as look at you."

"DeShaies is like a clock out there. Every other pitch goes one way or the other."

"Parker's grand slam is the same as going 4 for 4, even though he went 1 for 4."

"Boros is not with the team today because he's attending his daughter's funeral. Oh, wait, it's her wedding."

"I don't know about Willie Davis. He's not as young as he used to be."

"Young Frank Pastore may have just pitched the biggest victory of 1979, maybe the biggest victory of the year!"

"Templeton is as hot as you can be and still walk!"



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