Funny or Not?

This is how started. This was the first (and only) page. Strangely enough, it was just in pretty much this format, it got noticed by the print media in about 1998 or so. This page isn't maintained much anymore, maybe we'll bring it back someday.

One of the first mentions of (in 1999) was in Entertainment Weekly Magazine - a writer by the name of Gillian Flynn spotlighted HERE. Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for keeping the 16-year-old article!

Interesting note: Gillian Flynn, the author of the little article, went on to be a famous author. She wrote a little book called "Gone Girl", which of course went on to be one of the biggest movies of 2014!

Hilary Duff Hillary Clinton
Marv Albert Albert Schweitzer
Monty Python Monty Hall
Gilbert Grape Gilbert Gottfried
John Wayne Bobbitt John Wayne
Margaret Cho Margaret Thatcher
Paula Poundstone Paula Jones
Dennis Miller Glenn Miller
Chris Rock The Rock
Penn & Teller Pennsylvania
Bill Cosby Bill Clinton
Homer Simpson OJ Simpson
Steven Wright Orville Wright
Drew Carey Drew Barrymore
Groucho Marx Karl Marx
Henny Youngman Henny Penny
Richard Jeni Jenny McCarthy
Michael Richards Richard Simmons
Art Carney Carne Asada
Eddie Murphy Eddie Munster
Jim Carrey Mariah Carey
Steve Martin Martin Lawrence
Tim Allen Tim McVeigh
Rodney Dangerfield Rodney King
Rich Little Little Richard
Will Ferrell Pharrell Williams



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