Products You'll Never See

The new Card Game, Islamic Poker: You lose a hand, you lose a hand!

A 100 pound sack of rhino litter. (thanks to Fray Pascual)

Fairly Serious Putty

Lil' Electrical Outlet Licker

The new Card Game, 5200 Card Pickup: Keeps kids busy all day.

Ginsu Boomerang

The Duncan YO: It never comes back up. It teaches kids how to live with disappointment.

The Pee Wee Herman Pull Toy.

A rare photo of Tinkerbell practicing voodoo. (thanks to Fray Pascual)

XBox 359: this one was pretty easy to come by this holiday, for some reason.

Hasbro's Lil' Barber

Capitalizing on the Tickle Me Elmo success, the new toy: Tickle Me Carrot Top

Don King Hair Care products.

Angry Bird-In-A-Bag

Mike Tyson's Hooked on Phonics.

The John Goodman AB sculptor.

A fur lined spittoon. (thanks to Fray Pascual)

New treasure hunt toy: You get to comb out the beard of the Men's Wearhouse Guy. I guarantee it!

Mick Jagger brand Chap Stick

The new doll: Turnip Patch Kids

A gift certificate for Hannibal Lechter's new BBQ restaurant.

The new video by the late Don Knotts in a purple dinosaur suit: Barney Fife

Doggie Dentist

An actual copy of the latest Star Trek screenplay, "Live Long and Perspire"

A selection of Vin Diesel brand shampoo products.



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