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Funny2 will refrain from humor that uses the F-word. Oh, sure, there are many occurrences of "double-entendre" humor, but that's about it. We try to make this website family friendly.

Funny2 has a minimum amount of graphics, it's all about the written word, and your interpretation of it. The art of telling a joke is something that is different for every one who tells the joke. Use these items, put your own spin on them, make them your own.

Funny2 may have errors - for instance, we have heard that the Andy Rooney section may or may not really have come from the mind of Mr. Rooney (Andy, not Mickey). Also, the facts in the "True Facts" section may or may not be facts, but we have tried to cull out the obviously false ones. For substantiated true facts, with the sources, visit

Funny2 asks you to please visit often as we're now in constant change and adding stuff very often. Tell your friends if you like the website. Tell us if you don't. E-mail us HERE if you have suggestions or thoughts. Thanks!

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